10 Zara Accessories That are In My Cart for Summer

Zara’s accessory game is hitting new heights this summer. With woven pieces, bucket bags, and big statement earrings coming in at full force. These ten pieces listed are sure to take your summer outfits to the next level. Here are my favourite picks for summer!

1. Cat Eye Sunglasses

Slim Cat’s Eye Sunglasses. $29.90. Zara.com

These sunnies are so chic and classy! You have to protect your eyes, why not have some fun with it?

2. Teardrop Earrings

Teardrop Earrings, + Colors, $25.90, Zara.com

Firstly, creme and gold are such a decadent combo (I’m talking warm chocolate croissant decadent). These earrings can keep it simple for a floral summer dress, or add that extra touch for a simple t-shirt/ jean combo. Sold.

3. Colorful Resin

Colorful Resin Earrings, $25.90, Zara.com

One things is for sure, bold and bright colors are definitely making their entrance this summer season. Now if you shy away from the loud, these are a great feature piece in an otherwise neutral collection. However, if you live for the color, these are a great piece to mix and match with your corals, blues and if you really dare, yellows. Either way, expect these beauties to be on rotation in your wardrobe!

4. Wooden Earrings

Wooden Earrings with Thread Detail, $19.90, Zara.com

Do these not scream ‘Let’s go to the beach and drink copious amounts of tequila and live forever carefree”? No?! Just me?

5. Metal Plate Earrings

Metal Plate Earrings, $19.90, Zara.com

Go Big or Go Home, isn’t that the saying? In these you just go big, paint the town and in the early hours of the morning, blind people with the sun’s reflection. But they’ll still love these. And so will you.

6. Summer Crochet Bag

Bag With Wooden Handles, $49.90, Zara.com

I am obsessed with this little tote! I love the summertime vibes and it is just perfect for the farmer’s market, or for a quick lunch in a park. It really can take any simple, crisp look into a whole other dimension.

7. Pom Pom Bucket Bag

Fabric Backpack with Pom Poms. $49.90, Zara.com

For the neutral-obsessed, this bag is a dream. The Pom Pom’s are the cutest touch to a simple knit bag.

8. Crossbody Beaded Bag

Crossbody Dolly Bag w/ Beaded Crabs. $49.90, Zara.com

It’s beaded, cute and has pretty little crabs all over it. My sign is also Cancer. (But I’m not biased.. ok maybe). It’s a small pop for a fun occasion.

9. Yellow Geo Tote

Die Cut Tote. $59.90, Zara.comThis bag is a perfect transitional piece, from summer to fall. It has a classic cut and is a great piece to mix and match with. Plus! Look at all the room available. Perfect for snacks.

10. Straw Bag

Straw Bag with Round Handles, $49.90, Zara.com


The ultimate ‘it’ bag of the season. It’s a great addition for all fashion lovers out there. Me included.

What accessories have caught your eye this summer??


Roya Isabella


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