Latest Obsession : The Summer Midi

There is no denying that mid length skirts and dresses have really taken over the length game. Is anyone as pumped about it as I am?!

My gams are my least favorite, and while I do my best to love my body wholeheartedly, I never liked mini dresses. I didn’t feel comfortable and I always wished the hems were just a little bit longer….

And now my wishes have come true!

3 Reasons why I love Midi’s

1. They are flattering. Being 5’10, I find they lengthen me and give me a feminine shape (and I want to twirl in them all the time).

2.  As I’m approaching my 30’s it’s time to hang up my Forever 21 days. It was a beautiful, messy time (teary eyed and reminiscent), but I am ready to upgrade my look to a more sophisticated one. That being said, nothing about sophistication has to do with being boring!

3. When the wind blows, the entire streetblock won’t see my striped undies. #reallifeproblems

Here are few pieces I’m just head over heels about!

What do you think of the Midi Style? I wanna hear if you love it or hate it!


Roya Isabella



FAITHFULL Yvette Dress, $179 USD
LOST + WANDER Dottie Ruffle Midi Wrap Dress $142 CAD
REFORMATION Talita Dress $218 USD
ZARA Frilled Stripe Dress $49.90 CAD
ZARA Patchwork Print Dress $49.90 CAD

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