Transitional Style: Incorporating Your Summer Dress into your Fall Wardrobe

Roll out the farewell wagon, folks! Summer is coming to an end. The summer dresses, wedge sandals, and straw bags are going to have to be tucked away till next year…

I know. I’m not ready for it either. *wipes tear* But it’s not all so bad! Fall fashion is around the corner! Back to cozy sweaters, chic ankle boots and your favourite jeans. (Also, plaid is raging back so there will lots of that too).

Yet, a key aspect of your wardrobe should contain transitional pieces as well. You’re closet should ebb and flow throughout the seasons without feeling like you are wearing the same piece or stuck in past seasons. I can’t tell you how thrilling it is to take a piece and turn it into something completely different! You are totally pumped that your created something new, you FEEL like you’re wearing something new, and you established a piece in your wardrobe that is sustainable, and that is just crucial, in a time where fast fashion is becoming a blaring problem for our planet.

So lets talk summer dresses. They are airy, light, comfortable and a clear definition of summer. I wanted to take one of my dresses and turn it into a fall favourite. Fall weather still has the potential to be warm and taking a carefree attitude of a summer dress and turning it into a cool girl look for the fall was on my radar.



Step out FALL DRESS.


I took my Hi-Lo black floral dress from Saks Avenue, turned it around (LITERALLY) and transformed it into the fall look I had been pining for. Pairing the dress with a black leather jacket, black booties and a velvet hat gave it the edge, and the warmth,  to carry it over into the fall. I chose to turn it around because the coverage in the front and the fullness of the bottom allowed for a better ‘Fall Feel’. The bonus was that I ended up getting a beautiful open back and completely different hemline at the bottom!

I hope this piece inspires you to sift through your wardrobe and put pieces together that you might not have thought of. It took a few tries before I figured out this look, but I basically wanted to wear it everywhere once I did! Little accidents can turn into big miracles. If it happened for Alexander Fleming with penicillin, why can’t it happen in your wardrobe. ;D

Have a red dress? Pair it with brown booties!

Have a mini dress? Pair it with a long cardigan and knee high boots!

Still feel like I’m an anomaly? Send me a picture of your dress and I can spin a few ideas for you! I promise there are things in your wardrobe that can collaborate beautifully together ❤

Want a Break Down of my Outfit and where to buy similar items? Take a look at my OUTFITS blog: Turning Florals into Fall-rals.


Roya Isabella


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