Back To Basics: The White Tee

Summer came to quite a cruel end in YEG, with lots of rain/snow taking over the forecast. Besides the fact that we might have skipped Fall entirely, at the moment, it does let me reflect on good basics that always need to be in my closet.

The first item on the docket is the classic white t-shirt. A necessary staple in any wardrobe; it provides clean lines, comfortable wear, and an effortless, low-maintenance look.

Throw it under a leather jacket, pair it with a satin skirt, round it out with a pair of heels. You can’t go wrong!

There are a two things to look for when on the hunt for that essential white tee…

1. CUT

It is so important that it fit right! Does the shoulder hem sit on YOUR shoulder? Does the neckline look flattering? Are you more comfortable with a loose boyfriend cut or do prefer it fitted? All things to ask yourself when looking for your perfect white tee.


There is nothing more disappointing that buying a white tee and realizing it ruins in one wash or doesn’t hold its shape anymore. Ultimately, I look for a cotton blend that doesn’t wrinkle too easy! I want my white tee to be low maintenance in the fashion AND washing department.

Here are a few white tees to update the ol’ Basics!

This Lululemon Tee is the ultimate in comfort. $48 
Everlane’s Cotton White Crew Neck has a cult following, so it wont disappoint. $16USD
For a looser, cropped tee, the Gap has a crew neck that checks that list. Crop Short Sleeve Crewneck, $29.95 ( plus 40%off sale!)

Later this week on back to basics, I’ll be diving into the world of denim! Stay tuned.

Bye, for now!

Love, Roya Isabella

What white tee shirt can’t you live without?! Comment below!

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