5 Coats You’ll Want to Add in Your Closet for Winter

When putting together looks from your closet, what goes on over the outfit is just as important as what’s underneath. Coats are a great way to round out any look you put together. They can make a statement, or be the glue that holds it all together. Most importantly, outerwear needs to have functionality. 

Where I live, you can’t sacrifice your warmth and comfort in the winter months (think -20C), but I’m hear to say that function does not need to come at a cost to style.

Basically you can have your cake, and eat it too, ladies. 

Below, I have curated 5 coats that are a great addition to your wardrobe! So here’s to that warm and fuzzy feeling (and not just because you look, and feel, fabulous). 😉

Practical and Stylish. Nailed it.


Roya Isabella

White Puffer Jacket
1. The Puffer. Looking like the Michelin Man has never looked so cute. Easy to pair with skinny jeans and an ankle bootie. Level up on warmth with Goose Down. 
Aritizia, Park City Puffer ON SALE $175CAD

2. The Menswear Coat. This oversized look is great for layering and a wool blend is sure to keep you cozy. The burgundy color on this one is so rich, you’ll feel like a fine glass of wine. 
Nordstrom,  Alec Les Filles, SALE! $179.49 CAD 
Brown plaid coat 2ndDAY
3. The Plaid Coat. A great statement for outerwear. I prefer more brown/red tones to black/white. I find it timeless and elegant. So when you invest in a plaid coat like this 2NDDAY one, you know it’ll be in your closet for many years to come.
ASOS, 2NDDAY, Checked Tailored Coat, $673.28 CAD
4. The Boucle Coat. Soft, plush, gorgeous, and forest green. Feel free to take a nap in this. You’ll look regal doing it. 
Zara, Fleece Coat, $169 CAD
5. The Belted Wool Coat. An easy toss over a night time look. It’s a simple (and warm) way to polish off an outfit. Slip dress, turtleneck and wide legged pants, anything goes with this classic piece. 
Zara, Long Coat Toffee, $169 CAD
Faux Fur Zara
BONUS COAT! I know I said 5, but if you feel a little extra, this faux fur coat is a great edition to any stylish lady’s wardrobe. I love the different pieces sewn together. The color and contrast in the textures makes it so unique, so here’s to being extra!
Zara, Contrast Faux Fur Jacket, $149 CAD

What do you look for in a Winter Coat?


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