The Sweater and Skirt: Fall Edition

This year, I’ve been looking into different ways to expand my wardrobe into the fall and summer months. The skirt and sweater combo caught my eye, and I thought ‘Could I pull it off?’

While it is a great look, it can be tricky to pull off! Trust me, I learned first hand. (I spent sometime putting different looks together to get something I was happy with.) It’s all about proportions, and balance within the outfit. The heavy black boot, compliments the thickness of the black sweater. While, the skirt plays with the airiness and straight silhouette. When I found this Zara logo skirt, I took a chance on it. I really doubted that it would look good on me, but sometimes taking a risk pays off. It’s been my favourite buy this season!

If you are into this combo, I’ve found some similar styles (mixed with originals) and linked them below! So have some fun with your closet! Who knows what you will put together.

Have you tried this fashion trend for Fall?


Roya Isabella

            H&M $29                /         ZARA $49.90           /         MARC FISHER $192

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