5 Accessories to Add to Your Rotation This Spring

You look in your closet. You have your midi dresses, your basics tees, your favourite denim and those new mules you’re dying to bust out for nicer weather. Yet, something is missing. A little ‘coeur et âme’.

Well, then it’s time to ACCESSORIZE, girl! Add a touch of sass with some bold earrings, round out an outfit with a monotone look using headbands, or take the chic route with pearl accents.

Below I’ve rounded up 5 (ok 6) accessories that will warm up any outfit and create a balanced, fun look, whether you’re going from day-to-night or to a festival these coming months!


Roya Isabella

THE HEADBAND: You wanna get your spring on? A knotted headband will do the trick. A easy, stylish way to keep your hair back and make you feel ‘oh, so pretty’ and carefree.

  1. ASOS Design Mixed Woven Headband $16.83 CAD
  2. ASOS Design Knot Front Cheetah Headband $16.83 CAD
  3. Madewell Knotted Headband $20.56 CAD
  4. Anthropologie Lauren Knotted Headband $18.00 USD
  5. ASOS Design Floral Headscarf $21.04 CAD

THE RATTAN/RAFFIA EARRING: This trend is blowing up this season and will have a strong hold going into the summer! Perfect for keeping any outfit casual and boho-esque. Perfectly paired with patio drinks, beaches, and picnics.

  1. Liars and Lovers Resin Shell and Rattan Earring $25.25 CAD
  2. Anthropologie Raffia Sunburst Drop Earring $58.00 USD
  3. Warehouse Drop Raffia Earring $25.25 CAD
  4. Anthropologie Wicker Square Drop $38.00 USD
  5. Aldo Belarith Straw Earring $16.83 CAD

THE PEARL DROP EARRING: They’re not just for your grandmother anymore. They’ve been redefined and make the ultimate statement for any day-to-tonight look. You want classic, timeless, and effortless? The pearl baroque is your best friend.

  1. Standing O Accessories Itala Pearl Earrings $108 CAD
  2. Shashi Mykonos Earrings $82.75 CAD
  3. High Tide Geo Pearl $48.00 USD
  4. Perlacadente Golden Thread Earring $124.24 CAD
  5. NST Studio Oceania Earrings $88.00 USD

THE WOVEN HANDBAG: Woven handbags have not slowed down since last year. What I love about this seasons’ styles is that you are seeing more structured styles with different shapes and sizes. So have some fun with it!

  1. Accessorize straw effect basket tote bag $54.70 CAD
  2. Zara Natural Woven Backpack $45.90 CAD
  3. Zara Crossbody Box Bag $39.99 CAD
  4. My Accessories London Exclusive Straw Shoulder Bag $52.60 CAD
  5. Clare V. Flore Bag $367.92 CAD

THE BARETTE CLIP: Hair Bling. It seems, sometimes, the bling-ier the better! But I’m more of an understated accessory gal who loves the wooden clip, or the super simple gold ones. An excellent way to accent your outfit with little details. It’ll make you wanna hashtag #prettylittleinspo.

  1. ASOS DESIGN Wooden Barette Clip in Open Circle $12.62 CAD
  2. ASOS DESIGN Barette Round Shape in Wood $12.62 CAD
  3. ASOS DESIGN Barette Clip with Pearl and Starfish in Gold Tone $16.83
  4. Drop in the Ocean Bobby Pin Set $28.00 USD
  5. Lelet NY Solar Pearl Barette $170.84 CAD

THE GEO EARRING: I can’t help it. I am obsessed with anything geometric or abstract looking. It’s a great way to allow something small to make a statement, and look polished and pretty. Or sassy and fierce. Or, my favourite, taking a simple sweater/denim combo and adding that touch of your personality with one of these!

  1. ASOS DESIGN Open Teardrop with Wood Ball in Gold $12.62 CAD
  2. Golden Ginko Hoop Earring $48.00 USD
  3. Shashi Moda Drop Earrings $58.00 USD
  4. Zara Geometric Mother of Pearl Earrings $25.90 CAD
  5. ASOS DESIGN Earrings Open Circle & Wooden Discs, Gold $16.83 CAD

What accessory are you excited to wear this spring?

Comment Below!

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