The Surprising Trend Popping Up in My Closet

Let’s call it the rule of thirds. Some trends you’ll never try, some you have to try but don’t work out, and some fall right into your lap. When the Tie-Dye trend hit runaways hard for this Spring and Summer I really had no cravings to par-take. It never really fit into my style and I was ok with it.

Yet, when I headed into the Community Thrift Shop in Van-City, I couldn’t keep my hands off this delicate piece. It was such a fun strawberry swirl, reminding me of summer; totally cool and eclectic. After taking a closer look I realized ‘This is Tie Dye!’

The trend I had sworn would never enter my closet was very vividly becoming a rotational piece between my skirts, jeans and wide-leg pants. Knowing your style is important, but what I think is even more defining is the ability to be open to things that you don’t expect. This tie-dye piece was a big pay-off for me. It was second-hand (which helped me stay sustainable), it was within budget ($18 is a steal), and the cotton fabric makes it breathable and comfortable.

I couldn’t have asked for more in my vision for this outfit. The pinks are cloudy, creamy goodness. All that’s missing is a raspberry swirl ice cream in a waffle cone.

If you have never checked out Community Thrift Shop in Gastown, Vancouver, I would high suggest it! It’s a great, curated shop for thrifting and vintage stock. It’s a hundred percent cool vibes, with the merchandise to support it. Check it out!


Also, here are some Tie-Dye shopping options below, for the subtle, that I love out there right now!!

What do you think of the Tie Dye Trend?


Roya Isabella

  1. Massimo Dutti Tie-Dye Print Cotton and Silk Shirt, $102.50 CAD
  2. Zara Tie-Dye Jacket, $79.90 CAD
  3. Top Shop Tie-Dye T-shirt, $32.00 CAD
  4. Proenza Schouler Denim Tie Die Bag, $1542.53 CAD
  5. Zara Tie-Dye Shirt, $45.90 CAD

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