The Surprising Trend Popping Up in My Closet

Let's call it the rule of thirds. Some trends you'll never try, some you have to try but don't work out, and some fall right into your lap. When the Tie-Dye trend hit runaways hard for this Spring and Summer I really had no cravings to par-take. It never really fit into my style and … Continue reading The Surprising Trend Popping Up in My Closet

The Sweater and Skirt: Fall Edition

This year, I’ve been looking into different ways to expand my wardrobe into the fall and summer months. The skirt and sweater combo caught my eye, and I thought ‘Could I pull it off?’ While it is a great look, it can be tricky to pull off! Trust me, I learned first hand. (I spent … Continue reading The Sweater and Skirt: Fall Edition

Turning Florals into Fall-rals: Transitioning the Summer Dress

I loved the idea of taking a long floral dress from summer, and creating a cool girl look for Fall. I did not like the idea of buying a completely new dress to do it. So I turned this summer dress around and gave it new life. Say Hello to my dress Fall Edition. ❤ … Continue reading Turning Florals into Fall-rals: Transitioning the Summer Dress

Socks and Polka Dots

If you’re seeing dots, don’t be alarmed. Everyone else is seeing them too. Polka dots have become one of the top trends for the summer. They’re fun, carefree and a great print to create an outfit that is interesting and effortless. This polka dot midi skirt was no exception. I’ve had a change of heart … Continue reading Socks and Polka Dots

The Perfect All White Look

White is the cleanest, crispest color there is. It’s fresh, versatile, and it never goes out of style. This summer, I have been on the hunt for white blouses that will rotate through my wardrobe.  A white blouse can be great with jeans, skirts, tucked into high waisted trousers, under a jumpsuit... Let’s face it, … Continue reading The Perfect All White Look

Sleeveless Duster To Go

I can’t say I haven’t been enjoying wearing dresses this spring, especially because our weather went from 0-100, real quick.  Buuutttt, every once a while I need a change. For me, I’m reinventing this sleeveless duster I purchased a couple of years ago from Simons. It was definitely an investment purchase when I bought it … Continue reading Sleeveless Duster To Go

Pretty in Pink: Date Night Outfit

I have been dying to a monochromatic look for months. When this pink coat came into my life, I knew I needed to do big things with it. I really fell in love with it, because it gave me cotton candy vibes. And, well, I love cotton candy. I pulled this look together for a … Continue reading Pretty in Pink: Date Night Outfit

Spring Chick: Yellow Edition

I am my mother's daughter. I picked up this bright yellow bombshell at Winners and fell in love with it instantly. It's great for my skin tone, the cut is awesome, and it's a great feature for my otherwise neutral wardrobe.   My mother would agree with me, because she unknowingly bought the same jacket. … Continue reading Spring Chick: Yellow Edition