Socks and Polka Dots

If you’re seeing dots, don’t be alarmed. Everyone else is seeing them too. Polka dots have become one of the top trends for the summer. They’re fun, carefree and a great print to create an outfit that is interesting and effortless. This polka dot midi skirt was no exception. I’ve had a change of heart … Continue reading Socks and Polka Dots

Sleeveless Duster To Go

I can’t say I haven’t been enjoying wearing dresses this spring, especially because our weather went from 0-100, real quick.  Buuutttt, every once a while I need a change. For me, I’m reinventing this sleeveless duster I purchased a couple of years ago from Simons. It was definitely an investment purchase when I bought it … Continue reading Sleeveless Duster To Go

Flowy and Free: Summer Dress Edition

In YEG, we have had a brutal winter. I’m talking -40 degree weeks and endless freezing nights. This year, our spring was a quick turnover and the summer weather is already making up for lost time. The city is alive with people, and the people in it have, themselves, woken up. And I am squealing … Continue reading Flowy and Free: Summer Dress Edition