Back To Basics: The Leather Jacket

Here we are!

Day 2 of our Back to Basics journey!

Today’s basic is the essential life force to polish off your look. (Think I’m exaggerating? Well not after you start pairing it with everything in your closet and realizing what you’ve been missing out on). Great for layering, a must-have in your fall wardrobe, and bonus points alotted for the warmth factor, I introduce to you…

The Leather Jacket!

Sometimes I think, “These are so obvious, Roya. Everyone has these.” And yet somehow it took ME years to realize the versatility of a leather jacket. It’s more then an essential, its a way to subdue the avant garde, while at the same time giving you the edge when paired with a classic white tee. That’s what we call Dual Purpose!!

Now the price can get pretty steep on some leather jackets but there are a lot of faux versions to keep you (and your bank account) happy too. And if you are looking to invest, this staple will never disappoint.

The biggest thing I look for in a jacket is the feel. Personally, I find a softer feel to the material (whether leather or faux) is a more comfortable experience and the nice smooth sleek look keeps the jacket a classic piece.

Looking to get in on the leather jacket game?! Here are a few of my favourites below to add to your wardrobe 🙂

What’s your favourite Leather Jacket pairing in your closet? Chime in!

Love, Roya Isabella


Leather Look Biker Jacket $79.90 CAD



Levi’s Faux Leather Moto Jacket $166.60 CAD ON SALE


All Saints Moto Leather Jacket $680.34 CAD


BLANKNYC Life Changer Moto Jacket 133.88 CAD

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