Wide Leg Cropped Jeans: What’s The Cut Off?

Today we’re delving into a style that’s been a long time coming. While, the skinny jean is a cult classic (and will always be a staple in my wardrobe), there’s been a shift in the denim tide. The wide leg cropped jean is here and taking full swing this spring and summer.

And I want in.

A wide leg denim (whether light or dark) can give a feeling of casualness, while still maintaining a chic and poised look. Believe me when I say, you do NOT have to have a certain body type to wear this type of denim. The hardest thing to pull off with a wide leg crop is where the hemline lies. For example, the pair that I bought (from H&M) was too short and made my legs look stunted. I made some adjustments, opened the hem and found a much more comfortable jean length I could work with. That experience led me to research the tricks of picking the right cropped wide leg jean.

Here are a few things to look out for when on the hunt!

Where do we start?

The rule of thumb is to have the hem anywhere between your ankle and where your calf begins. The sweet spot is, usually, about 2-3 inches above your ankle. That’s a great starting point! This will allow you to transition your cropped jean from a flat, to a boot, or a great heel (say hello to elongation). A mid-waist or hi-rise also goes a long way (no pun intended). They can help control your proportions and stretch the length of your leg so you don’t look short or chopped at the calf.

How do I wear it with boots?

I learned this from personal experience; you really want to try and find a wide leg cropped denim that is an inch above or grazes the top of the boot. Any hemline higher, gives a choppy distorted look. Anything longer and it will look like short pants.

What if the wide leg crop is too long?

You can easily hem it to the length of your liking, or take it to a tailor. Never underestimate little tweaks to garments. They can make or break a look. At the end of the day, jeans should be tailored to fit YOUR body to showcase your best foot (or leg) forward. It’s never the other way around!

What if the wide leg crop is too short?

Girl, you’re in luck, because the raw hem is a great way to add some edge to your denim (and very on trend). So let your hair down, take that hem out, and live your best frayed life. A lot of wide leg cropped styles have a lot of fabric in the hem, so it might be perfect when you let it out. Or you can cut it to your desired length!

Does it flatter all silhouettes?

You bet your booty-ful bottom it does! I always thought to myself, ‘Oh I can’t wear that. My thighs are too big.’ or ‘That’ll never look good on my body type.’ I’m here to tell you that if you love a style you can most definitely pull it off. It’s not always the easiest to find, but using these tips to achieve the best silhouette can get you on track to a wide leg crop that is made for you!

Ultimately, what’s the best to way to find a great fit? Try and try, then try it again. The first pair you throw on may not be a fit, but that doesn’t mean the second pair won’t be a total home run.

The biggest take-away? Don’t forget about a tailor! They’ll take you where you need to be 🙂


Roya Isabella

How do you feel about the Wide Leg Cropped Denim? Any questions?

Ask Below! Let’s Get Our Cropped Jean on Together 😉

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